Pre-Installation Checklist

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Prior to Day of Installation:

Make sure all painting of walls and ceilings are completed before your new flooring is to be installed.

All access arrangements must be made prior to our installers arriving.

If you are removing your own old flooring, make sure that is done and disposed of before the installers arrive. If you are removing carpet and replacing it with new carpet, remove carpet and pad, but leave the tack strips.


Day of Installation:

Before installers arrive, remove all items from closet floors and underneath the beds, remove bedcoverings, fragile items, lamps, nick knacks, glassware, books, and all items on top of furniture. All electronic equipment must be disconnected.

Make sure there is adequate light and ventilation available prior to installation. Most flooring requires acclimation to temperature so make sure you have air or heat on 24 hours before the installation process begins.

If you have any animals make sure they are properly contained.  Installers will not be responsible for lost pets and installers will not enter job site where there are hostile animals.


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